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Framestore delivered 235 high-octane shots for the movie. Framestore’s first foray into the Fast & Furious universe required a VFX crew to deploy to Hawaii for a five-week stint, where the team captured and processed two kilometres of coastline. “We spent days and days leaning out of cars and hanging out of helicopters shooting array plates,” says VFX Supervisor Ben Loch. “The weather conditions out there kept us on our toes, but in the end we were able to get exactly what we needed. This served us well later on, whether we needed to recreate stretches of the stunning Hawaiian environment wholesale or tweak certain features – like the cliffs – to make them more imposing and dangerous.”…


A Collapsing Art Market Will Hurt Underrepresented Artists the Most. Here’s How to Ensure Their Voices Are Not Lost

The owner of Goodman Gallery, Liza Essers, urges the art world to focus on preserving its hard-won diversity.

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Last month, as we switched off the lights at Goodman Gallery, closing our spaces alongside fellow galleries around the world in response to COVID-19, my head was spinning.

I tried to find comfort in the innovative possibilities of online art-viewing and to seek solace in the healing impact of reduced emissions on the environment, not to mention the joy of extended quality time with my eight-year-old son.

But my mind kept returning to the huge overheads attached to running three galleries across the United Kingdom and South Africa. We are facing a worldwide recession and it is predicted that the economies of African countries will be hit particularly hard…


It dawned on me that the future of the global art world, and whether it will include the diverse kinds of galleries that have been sorely lacking until recently, lies very precariously in the balance.


Photo credit: Liza Essers. Courtesy Goodman Gallery.