Music and Therapy Equals Creative Day

Well Since we have been locked in do to the virus and my wife and her cancer treatment. We have found ways to keep busy with creative outlets to its most extent and development. We are launching our podcast Make a Dent Podcast and We will be doing web classes in the near future. Be […]

Outdoor Museum in Amidst the Corona Virus

These families created a community art museum on the sidewalks of their California neighborhood while sheltering in place By Amir Vera, CNN Updated 12:48 AM ET, Sun March 22, 2020 Daphne Sashin, her 8-year-old son Jack and 5-year-old daughter Lucy work on their sidewalk drawing as part of the community activity Sashin planned in their Mountain […]

Corona Virus and Artists Supporting Artists

Great to hear that Emerging Artists are supporting each other by buying each others art. This is amazing and a great way to help the arts.  Emerging artists pledge to buy each other’s work amid the coronavirus economic slowdown In the art market, Covid-19 has had the most immediate effect on emerging artists. Up-and-coming artists, […]

The process of David Tobias of Tobiz Art

The process of painting for David Tobias of Tobiz art let’s see….For me there’s two sides to art, one is the calculating and measuring aspect, especially in figure and portrait, once I get a basic layout down, next comes the inspirational side. I look for an interesting shape, expression, contrast and expression to create each […]

Marian Keyes Writer

Marian Keyes Writer

Marian Keyes – a brilliant, funny Irish writer whose books I adore. I have copies of everything she’s ever written, have reached out to her to interview her and consider her a mentor and a role model. Read everything she’s written! You won’t be sorry. by Glendy Mattalia Biography Marian Keyes is one of the […]

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