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Fact # 6. Originally, the band was called Primate

They changed the name from Primate because there was another band already called “The Primates”. To avoid legal retribution, Les pulled out a dictionary and found a close alternative. Primus means “the primary one”. It is also the name of a Russian stove (and a popular stove company in parts of the world), an insurance company, a camping equipment company, an international telecommunications company, a Belgian beer brewed in Haacht, and an Internet Service Provider. Primus means “top of the class” in Dutch and German, and “I feel great” in Swedish.

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Great set of songs by Queen it is always fun and brings back memories 

From Youtube Channel Queen Official


Pick of the week for March 18 2020. Stuck inside because of the virus scare. Being creative and productive. The Red Hot Chili Peppers one of my inspirational bands. I personally have been listening to them for over twenty years or more.

From Youtube channel Uma Thermos

Here is an awesome album:

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication (Full Album)


Staind how they became

Artist Biography by Chris True

It has been said that first impressions last a lifetime. Luckily for Staind, some only last for about 45 minutes. After a volatile disagreement with Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst over some of Staind‘s early cover art, it seemed their big break had walked out the door. Fortunately, by the time Durst had witnessed Staind‘s intense live show, he was ready to exchange phone numbers.

Staind‘s story began in the New England area when vocalist Aaron Lewis and guitarist Mike Mushok met at a Christmas party in 1993. Mushok was able to bring drummer Jon Wysocki into the fold, and Lewis‘ connection with a bass player (who later left) completed the early lineup. Establishing themselves took time, and extensive touring of the Northeast with other established metal acts helped them sell over 2,000 copies of their self-released debut in just over a year. They were primed for their big break, and on October 23, 1997, the hard work paid off…

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Ryan Karey & Seed
Ryan Karey & Seed







Ryan Karey with Seed Folk Sound from Chicago

Ryan Karey with SEED is an eclectic Folk and Rock band based in Chicago. Our live sound is very powerful, heavy on rhythm and melody and complimented by the likes of 2 djembe drums, bass, keys, harmonica and a xylophone!

Influences – modest mouse, lumineers, the chevin, ok go, nirvana, boho paisley, boda, shamier, market 8, bright eyes, elliott smith

Artist Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Alice In Chains
Alice in Chains


Alice in Chains both epitomized the solemn, heavy Seattle sound of the 1990s and stood apart from the grunge hordes. What separated Alice in Chains from their alt-rock brethren was how their roots lay in heavy metal, not punk. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell and vocalist Layne Staley both played in metal bands prior to the formation of Alice in Chains in 1987 and they released the band’s debut, Facelift, in 1990, well before Nirvana‘s Nevermind pushed the underground into the mainstream. Despite their connections to metal, Alice in Chains thrived in the glory days of grunge, and it wasn’t merely a question of timing, either. The band’s sensibility fit into the alternative rock zeitgeist of the early ’90s. Cantrell‘s gloomy, minor-key riffs were an ideal match for Staley‘s tortured lyrics, creating a sound that felt as heavy as their Seattle cohorts but also was slightly slicker and ready for radio. It was versatile, too. After the group scored rock radio and MTV hits with “Man in the Box” and “Would?” in the early days of grunge, Alice in Chains became one of the first alt-rock bands of the ’90s to delve into acoustic-based music, scoring hits with the comparatively softer “No Excuses” and “I Stay Away.” Despite its success, the band was plagued with internal tensions during its commercial peak, much of it stemming from Staley‘s drug addictions. His abuse slowed the band’s upward trajectory in the back half of the ’90s, a descent culminating in the singer’s accidental death in 2002. Four years later, Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, and bassist Mike Inez revived Alice in Chains with singer William DuVall, sparking an extended second life of recording and touring that has lasted longer than their original incarnation…

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