Outdoor Museum in Amidst the Corona Virus

These families created a community art museum on the sidewalks of their California neighborhood while sheltering in place

(CNN)Like many parents across the US right now, Daphne Sashin was looking for something to keep her kids occupied while her family shelters in place during the coronavirus outbreak.

Playgrounds are out of the picture. So are play dates. The Mountain View, California, mother of two can’t even interact with anyone outside of her immediate family.
“But we can go on walks and ride our bikes,” she told CNN Saturday.
That’s how she came up with the idea of asking her neighbors to use chalk to draw pictures on their sidewalks or driveways. Sashin emailed her neighborhood group and a plan was set for everyone to complete drawings by Friday at noon. The activity was intended to not only meet the requirements of social distancing, but also to be a way for neighbors to interact…
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