The New Norm…

Well as you may know my wife and I are in limbo since July 2019. We literally uprooted from California to Texas for my wife’s cancer treatment. She gets treatment at MD Anderson who is number 1. That is awesome she is in a top notch facility for care. Since we been here I have created hundreds of works of art which most have been donated to cancer charities like Waggin Tails for Pets, Open Arms and The Ballard House. We love to give so we extended it to the patients of cancer treatments to give them the gift of art.
We have a huge heart and do tons of donations. Then while things were going well the flipping virus strikes and strikes hard. Turns everyone upside down destroying the economy. Making the world virtual.
I like what can I do to stay busy and keep everyday fresh.
Hanging with the wife during her rough days is a must. Cook good food for health.
Then make something viable still in works.
I got over my hump and starting doing web classes for painting all around art here is the link to a video class lemon .
The next progression in creativity was something I usually stray way from with brainstorming of my wife Glendy, Helen and the artist me Sam. I started this series my views and commentary on this whole virus situation.
If things don’t improve this can be The New Norm… Portrayed in the art in this post. More paintings and classes to come.
If you become a patron of my work you will not be disappointed.

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